donderdag 23 september 2010

my Babies :)

I will introduce them to you:
Name: baby Singer

This is my first sewing machine. I bought it around my 13th birthday with my own earned cash.

Name: Grandma Bernina
I've got this sewing machine from my grandmother. She bought it in the 60's and it still works perfect.

name: the new Bernina
I got this machine three years ago when i started my studies (industrial bachelor of fashion technology) . And he's great!
Name: lovely Juki
After some savings I bought my Juku. I'm still very happy with it, it's very useful machine.

name: Brother embroidery
And now last but not least, my latest purchase:

Tuesday was THE day I finaly picked up my embroidery machine @ the store. I wanted this for a long time and I finally bought it. Now i'm still waiting for the software (to create my own embroidery designs) to arrive. I've been trying some standart images and they seem quite successful. i realy love this machine

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk om jou ontwikkelingen te zien!
    Op je 13e een eigen naaimachine, hoe vet is dat :D
    Ik heb ook de Bernina, alleen dan de quilters edition. Ben er echt super blij mee.
    Daar ga je super veel plezier van hebben.

  2. hihi ja vind Bernina naaimachines echt super.