maandag 30 augustus 2010

Origami birds

Today I finally learned to fold origami birds. I was planning to learn this for a while, but I never really managed to make one. But today i finally succeeded to make one, with the help of a good friend (Nikky).

And she even brought some homemade cupcakes.

Thank you Nikky

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zondag 29 augustus 2010

book: baby stuff aranzi aronzo

another one for my wishlist...

update: ondertussen het boek aangekocht en ontvangen = zeker een aanrader

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

My new buttons

Today, my packet of materials for making covered buttons arrived. I was so excited that I immediately wanted to try them out. and here is the result. I think tey are really cute.
I have only made four buttons of ten (two hedgehogs and two birds) now i'm looking for other nice fabrics to make the other buttons.

take a look at the webshop where i bought the buttons:

zondag 22 augustus 2010


Copyright: all rights reserved Dietlinde Deliaert

I made this evening a few silhouettes with illustrator. one of a deer and one with a picture of myself. (so you can catch a glimpse of who I am)
This goes very fast when you have mastered the program.
You take a picture drawn on it and fill it in with black.
If you do not have this program, you can also use a with peace of transparent paper and a black pencil. good luck


postcards that I collected during several trips to: France, Berlin, Texel and Sweden. I love the vintage look.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Funny doormat

This is an ordinary doormat. But what i like about it is that the downsite is provided of a pocket four your key ...

maandag 9 augustus 2010


Copyright: all rights reserved Dietlinde Deliaert 

Some fun aliens i made on illustrator



My own vintage Typewriter

Today I went to the post office to colect a package. My typewriter was diliverd during my vacation in Sweden but because I wasn't home they brought it back to the post office. I had to wait until today to pick it up. It was very exciting because a photograph is a bit different than the real stuff. When I got home i tore the package open. And yes it was perfect just what I expected: my beautiful light blue vintage typewriter.

It was a bit dusty so I made it all clean. The inkt is a bit old and dry so i have to replace it soon. I know you can buy some ink on the internet but i think i'm gonna look for a store nearby, who sells it.

zondag 8 augustus 2010

For sale: authentic vintage Dior bag

Bag from the 70's

I am the proud owner of two vintage Dior bags. But due to lack of space in my closet i'm selling the smallest bag.

This is an original bag (
as you can see by the labels)

If you are interested please contact me on my blog or email me at


Flow is a fun magazine with beautiful illustrations. I think it is realy nice that the magazine is made of various types of paper. With each edition there is a nice paper-surprise in it. One time i got a nice little notebook or some cool stickers, beautiful cards, ... every time it contains something nice. It is a monthly magazine and it is available in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Foto wedstrijd

Hallo iedereen ik heb net een foto ingestuurd voor de zomer foto wedstrijd van de standaard. Het zou leuk zijn mochten jullie erop willen stemmen hier is de link:

Hello everyone I just submitted a picture for summer photo contest of "De Standaard". It would be nice if you cast a vote, here is the link:

en stemmen maar

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Some things i bought on my trip to sweden and Oslo

- a blue cotton and silk dress

- an earring rack

- a sweater

- two cute notebooks
- a hanger
- a necklace

- ...

Oslo city

last Wednesday i made a trip from Sweden to Norway in particular to Oslo city.
We visited the city and saw some nice shops.
We lunched at a nice restaurant in French style. The weather was great, i had a nice time, but i think the city is a bit too large for a one day visit.

I'm back

So today I am back from sunny sweden anyway I had a great time there.
We made several trips to the lake, i even swom in it and rowd a litle boat. I made some trips to a litle harbor and went shopping in Oslo city, ...
I bought a few nice things but i expected to find more cute shops. There where a few vintage shops in Oslo but i didn't find somthing interesting.

Despite of that
i did enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature of Sweden, i even saw a few deer.

It was a nice trip, but it is also nice to be back home...
Home sweet home

(Here a few of the many pictures I made:)